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Where WW2 began

Poland Day 24. I didn’t have an advance plan for what I’d do but after a bit of research the night before, it was obvious. To round out one of the themes underpinning my trip, I’d use my last day in Gdańsk to see the place where WW2 began. Read more

Wolf’s Lair (Part 2)

Poland Day 22. I explored the less visited parts of Wolf’s Lair and, being as I was in the lakes district, went looking for a lake. Read more

Wolf’s Lair (Part 1)

Poland Day 21. I ventured east of Gdańsk to the site of Hitler’s main HQ during WW2. Read more

First impressions of Warsaw

Poland Days 13-14. It wasn’t love at first sight but after a few walking missions, Poland’s capital city started to grow on me. Read more

Majdanek concentration camp

Poland Day 12. Just a few kilometers from central Lublin, located between residential housing and the city cemetery, is 90 hectares of what used to be the Majdanek concentration camp. Read more

Kraków finale – Old Town to Gestapo HQ

Poland Day 9. With Kraków’s size and extensive history I’m glad I planned to stay a full week. Still I was pushed for time rounding up my final to-dos which were primarily in the Old Town but also beyond it to take in another harrowing WW2 museum. Read more

Kraków awesomeness off the beaten path

Poland Day 4. Today I explored a suburb of Kraków called Podgórze. Not far from the Old Town on the other side of the river, it is a grittier area with an array of fascinating if at times dark features which made for a very full-on day out. Read more


Poland Day 3. Today I went to two sites synonymous with the catastrophic destruction of human life during WW2. Read more

Poland trip preview

On September 1st – soon, eek – I’m heading off for a five-week solo adventure. Poland is the main focus with a dash of Ukraine and a dot of Germany thrown in as well. Read more

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