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New Plymouth Street Art

Back in March we shot up to New Plymouth for a family thing. With fairly low expectations for getting out and about outside of that, the weekend delivered way more than I thought it would. For one thing, I had no idea this unassuming coastal city contains a treasure trove of street art. Read more

Wellington Street Art (2)

I left Mike and boys watching the ‘bird man’ competition on the waterfront and set off on another quest to find street art. Read more

Wellington Street Art

For the last few months I’ve been making an effort to pay more attention to the city I live in. Studying more closely what I see every day, looking beyond the surface to the layers underneath and behind.

This, along with a slightly lifted profile in recent times (media / social media), has highlighted for me the presence of street art.

Just about every city has it; some people like it, some tolerate it, and some I’m sure would rather just have plain exteriors around the place.

I think it’s a really important sub-culture that gives a place character as well as a creative outlet for an incredibly talented part of the population. It’s a bit ironic in a way: covert artists producing often big and public artworks.

Wellington’s few earthquakes of late (more alarming than destructive) finally propelled me to prioritise spending a day in the city, walking around and seeing what I could find.

And when you’re deliberately looking for street art, it’s surprising how much do find.

When preparing this post I felt I should provide additional information, so with the help of Google maps to retrace my steps, and other research, I have noted the locations and where possible, the artists. This was especially interesting as you start to pick up on the respective styles.

I only scratched the surface that day and plan to do further exploration.

Pidgeon art?

This is a funny sort of theme that has popped up in Wellington over the last few months. I snapped a couple that I saw during my walkabout and discovered this Facebook page where people can upload pigeon posters they find!

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