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Posts tagged ‘shanghai’

China last hurrah

Our last day in Shanghai saw us blatting around for a final discovery of places and things before taking a ride the world’s fastest train to start our journey home. Read more

China 17: Street life, propaganda posters and a Kiwi connection

In this penultimate China post we soak up more from the streets of Shanghai and meet up with our friends again for a classic Kiwi pastime. (And no I don’t just mean drinking!) Read more

China 16: Old Town – now you see it, now you don’t

One of the most fascinating aspects of Shanghai for me was the disappearing act of some of the old neighbourhoods. Read more

China 15: Markets for insects, antiques and marriage

Visit any Asian city and I suppose you will find some weird and wonderful markets, guaranteed to fascinate and sometimes sadden. During our almost-three days in Shanghai we made a point of hunting out…. Read more

China 14: Welcome to Shanghai ~ along and above the riverfront

The fast train from Suzhou soon had us stepping out into Shanghai. We ditched bags at the hotel and set off to explore. Read more

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