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In their footsteps (2): Journey to Hamburg

Poland Day 26. In 1876, members of the Fabich family embarked on the long and hellish journey from their home to start a new life in New Zealand. While it’s not possible to emulate the sea voyage (thankfully), I could at least mimic the train journey beforehand that got them to the port city of Hamburg. Read more

In their footsteps (1): The villages

Poland Day 25. Given the south-to-north trajectory of my trip, and given my Polish ancestors came from the north, it worked out that my last full day in Poland would be spent visiting some of the villages they’d lived in. Read more

Poland trip preview

On September 1st – soon, eek – I’m heading off for a five-week solo adventure. Poland is the main focus with a dash of Ukraine and a dot of Germany thrown in as well. Read more

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