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USA D3: High Line, Coney Island and basketball

After a few nights with not much sleep I was in dire need for coffee. We went back to our local at Grand Central where I also flounced around taking photos. It’s a beautiful place though they say the old Penn Station trumped it – damn shame that was knocked over.
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USA D2: A Rock, a park, an island and a rooftop bar

Upon leaving our hotel in 40th Street East, Chief Navigator (Mike) led the way to a recommended coffee place at Grand Central Station. Success this time and it will be our regular for the remainder of our stay here. One day. Oh well. I must take proper photos of GCS tomorrow – it’s a fantastic building.
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USA D1: Brooklyn, Financial District and the bright lights of the big city

I would hardly call it a quality night’s sleep, but vaguely refreshed we trotted down the road to our first priorities of the day: local SIM card and coffee. Both successfully acquired, though the coffee strength was a bit meh.
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