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USA D14: A cemetery, a river, a streetcar, some fancy houses and one last night in NOLA

It was another hot sunny day with a decent breeze to mitigate the chances of becoming big hot sweaty messes. Still, I was loathe to walk out without a long-sleeve layer handy, as a) I’m a wuss, and b) often the airconditioning can be icy when you venture back indoors.

We stepped out into drying streets – they seem to get water-blasted each morning around where we stayed, which I found quite reassuring – and trotted off to Canal Street. From near here we caught the St Charles streetcar out to the Garden District.
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USA D13: New Orleans by day and night

Horrifyingly it’s now Saturday and I’m way behind. Since New Orleans and now Miami, the long days doing stuff plus my apparent inability to summarise without copious photos and waffling have made it impossible to keep this more current.

But back to Tuesday… after an average sleep in our fairly pokey (but at least quiet) room we needed to be out the door fairly early to return the car. This was over on Canal Street so we figured that once we had caffeine on board we may as well continue investigating this crazy place we arrived into the night before.
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USA D12: Off to see NOLA

On Monday we had a big driving day as we said bye to Alabama and hello to Louisiana (with a quick wave to Mississippi on the way).
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