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Kraków finale – Old Town to Gestapo HQ

Poland Day 9. With Kraków’s size and extensive history I’m glad I planned to stay a full week. Still I was pushed for time rounding up my final to-dos which were primarily in the Old Town but also beyond it to take in another harrowing WW2 museum. Read more

The Jewish Quarter and another big mound

Poland Day 6. Another day traipsing around the city produced more fascinating finds as well as one unfortunate episode (which had a silver lining). Read more

Kraków awesomeness off the beaten path

Poland Day 4. Today I explored a suburb of Kraków called Podgórze. Not far from the Old Town on the other side of the river, it is a grittier area with an array of fascinating if at times dark features which made for a very full-on day out. Read more

Wandering in the Stare Miasto

Poland Day 2. Today was spent seeing more of my Old Town neighbourhood. Read more

Cześć from Kraków (and the end of a Very Long Day)

Poland Day 1. Day 1 basically involved getting here and dipping my toes in the water – which in reality took two days given 26 hours flying time plus all the transiting. But I’m here now and loving my first few hours in the Old Town of Poland’s second largest city. Read more

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