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Swallows and horses: our cottage in Hampshire

So we arrived in Hampshire, looking forward to staying put for a few days. The ol’ bag heaving routine does get a bit wearisome after a while, especially as we had managed to stay in places where bags had to be heaved up and down stairs.

Our accommodation was self catering, but after such a full day a pub dinner was the way to go.

Though the high pitched high volume voices from the tottering heeled young females near our table was almost too much to bear!

Hampshire was part of our trip because that’s where dad’s dad came from. Portsmouth was the main interest here, but Southampton also featured, and so mum suggested we stay in easy reach of both. Accordingly we chose a cottage in the rather obscure location of Durley village.

Swallow Cottage on Snakemoor Farm was a lovely, quiet place where the three of us had all the space we needed.

Our home for a week

I was a bit lax in considering wifi access – not sure why, I don’t think I was ditzy enough to assume that it would be generally accessible. So that was a downer but the only one really.

(And I was able to buy some access online and if I sat in the car at the end of the driveway, could get 1-2 bars.)

Not called Swallow Cottage for nothing…

We had lovely neighbours too.

Stables were spitting distance away

It was a busy place with horsey comings and goings. The clip clopping of hooves was a fairly regular soundtrack as our neighbours were led past and out to the paddocks.

Meet Crunchie…

…and Sandy

We began our stay with a bit of a day off but the rest of the week was busy and I’ll cover some of that in the posts to follow.

End of the week and back into that pack-up-and-leave routine. Look at that weather!

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