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Rotorua finale: A volcanic lake walk via some gondola and luge business

Rotorua ain’t short on stuff to do, the trick is finding a balance to suit all tastes. Our final day swept over some of the city’s main attractions, producing something for everyone and ensuring peace and harmony. Read more

Rotorua 4: Mudpools, geysers and delicious sulphur smells

Rotorua is geothermal central, a fact immediately apparent when you arrive in the city. There’s no missing that un-subtle (but not unpleasant, in my opinion) sulphur aroma in the air. A must-do on our visit was go to the source of this smell and take in a bit of geyser and mud pool action. Read more

Rotorua 3: A walk among giants

I’ve long wanted to see giant redwoods on their native Californian turf. There’s something about hugely old and enormous trees I find a bit fascinating. But it turns out I can get a taste of this much closer to home. Read more

Rotorua 2: Out and about in lake country

The main point of the weekend was to live lakeside, so water activities were going to feature strongly in our plans. When in Rome, etc. Read more

Rotorua 1: Off for some lakeside living

A long summer’s weekend staying in a lakefront holiday home? Don’t mind if we do!
Read more

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