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Posts from the ‘Poland ’15’ Category

North-bound: Dzień dobry Gdańsk

Poland Days 17 & 18: I return from Ukraine and head north for the final phase of my trip. Read more

Chernobyl (Part 2)

Ukraine Day 3. After a night staying in the exclusion zone we were ready to be shown more of the environs around Chernobyl. Read more

Chernobyl (Part 1)

Ukraine Day 2. Going to the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone may sound like a strange thing to do. Its been a place of fascination for me for a long time, especially the ghost city of Pripyat, stemming from a passionate interest in abandoned buildings and dereliction. This must of course be balanced against the tragic story behind the zone and the dark legacy that will live on for centuries to come. Read more

A quick look at Kyiv

Ukraine Day 1. A short side trip begins for what may well be the highlight of my five weeks away. Read more

Staying in Warsaw’s Old Town

Poland Day 16. For my middle visit to Warsaw I chose to stay right in the Old Town to make good use of the meager half-day I had allocated to explore both it and the riverbanks in between my side trips to Toruń and Ukraine. Read more

One day in Toruń

Poland Day 15. The literature enticed me to Toruń with its medieval history, city walls and Gothic architecture. And yes it was all that. Problem was, I’d already been spoiled with the Old Towns in Kraków and Lublin. Read more

First impressions of Warsaw

Poland Days 13-14. It wasn’t love at first sight but after a few walking missions, Poland’s capital city started to grow on me. Read more

Majdanek concentration camp

Poland Day 12. Just a few kilometers from central Lublin, located between residential housing and the city cemetery, is 90 hectares of what used to be the Majdanek concentration camp. Read more

Lublin: historical charm and scars of war

Poland Day 10. Lublin was confirmed into the itinerary because it fitted into my general direction of travel and had a fascinating blend of history, good and ugly. My first afternoon there delivered on both of these fronts. Read more

Kraków finale – Old Town to Gestapo HQ

Poland Day 9. With Kraków’s size and extensive history I’m glad I planned to stay a full week. Still I was pushed for time rounding up my final to-dos which were primarily in the Old Town but also beyond it to take in another harrowing WW2 museum. Read more

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