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While out riding: Island lookout

Today we took Mike’s boys and our bikes to Queen Elizabeth Park on the Kapiti Coast.

Mike and Flynn
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While out riding: Under the runway

An interruption to the Rail Trail series for something similar but a little more current.

Yesterday we rode around the peninsula, a pleasant sub-hour ride with lashings of fresh sea air and very little hill exertion required.

Our route takes us underneath the Wellington airport runway, a convenient shortcut between Rongotai and Miramar. You’d think the underpass would be a hotspot for tagging and littering of glass etc, but it’s apparently monitored and is usually in pretty good nick.

Wellington airport underpass

While out riding: Coffeeeee

Today we were taken on a two hour loop ride from Palmerston North city out into the hilly Manawatu countryside. This was our first time back in the saddle since the Motatapu ride more than two months ago so we weren’t sure how we’d hold up. It was also Sunday morning after a number of drinks the night before while catching up with friends…

Manawatu countryside

We coped admirably though body parts were starting to protest loudly when we finally made it back into town and to our cafe destination.

Rarely has coffee tasted so good.

Bikes outside Moxies

While out riding: Oops and ouch!

This was me arriving home from an after-hours medical clinic three months ago.

It was not the result of a spectacular stack whilst fanging downhill or over jumps. Rather ingloriously, it happened during an uncoordinated dismount on uneven sloping ground. (Probably sounds silly, but sometimes the height of my seat catches me out!)


Mike and I were on a training ride in a local bike park getting ready for the Motatapu Adventure Race. I had to stay off the bike for a couple of months and while the wrist is still a bit dodgy, I’ve recently been able to resume training.

The event is this weekend down near Queenstown – a 47km course across spectacular South Island high country. It should be a fantastic challenge. My goals are to a) finish in under four hours; and b) stay in one piece!

Wish me luck!

While out riding: Well hi there


This inquisitive guy (girl?) caused some distraction during a recent training ride

While out riding: Is it a bus stop? Is it a lounge?

A brief interlude to the road trip posts and the spontaneous spawning of a random series of occasional pictures taken while out on my mountain bike.

We rode by this on Wednesday and I had to stop, climb off and stumble across the road for a photo. Amazingly this has been in place – and added to – since mid December. In this day and age I think that says that all is not lost with some parts of society.

Decorated bus shelter, Karori, Wellington

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