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USA D9: Five hours across four states for NASCAR practice day

With a few hours of driving planned we didn’t want to muck around, especially if we wanted to get to the track by early afternoon. After giving the waffle-maker in the breakfast buffet another whirl we set off. Starting in North Carolina, we drove through South Carolina, then Georgia, before finishing half-way across Alabama.
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USA D8: Race shops and the NASCAR Hall of Fame

Yesterday we visited several race shops and NASCAR-related places.
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USA D7: A mansion, a capital city, and the road to NASCAR country

A still, foggy morning greeted us when we peeked beyond the curtains. I actually don’t think I felt a breath of wind in the 17 hours we were at Belle Grove. We descended the staircase to the dining room for a decadent breakfast. Michelle used to be a chef so you know you’re going to be looked after well in the food stakes!
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USA D6: Bye DC, hello the South

(Or should that be, ‘Sayowth’?)

Since we went to Arlington Cemetery yesterday we had less of a hurried start which was fortunate as that allowed us time to fetch breakfast and me to finish yesterday’s post. By around 10am we had checked out and were trundling down the street to the Budget depot.
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USA D5: Abe, Arlington and ice hockey

After a good sleep on the world’s most comfortable bed ( and breakfast from the excellent buffet style set-up at the local Whole Foods Market, we walked back into the city centre. It wasn’t too busy on account of it being the Columbus Day holiday.
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USA D4: Bye NYC, hello DC!

I was appalled that I slept through the early alarm I set so that I could finish updating my blog. But there was no time to kick myself as we both had half an hour to be ready and downstairs to check out.
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USA D3: High Line, Coney Island and basketball

After a few nights with not much sleep I was in dire need for coffee. We went back to our local at Grand Central where I also flounced around taking photos. It’s a beautiful place though they say the old Penn Station trumped it – damn shame that was knocked over.
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USA D2: A Rock, a park, an island and a rooftop bar

Upon leaving our hotel in 40th Street East, Chief Navigator (Mike) led the way to a recommended coffee place at Grand Central Station. Success this time and it will be our regular for the remainder of our stay here. One day. Oh well. I must take proper photos of GCS tomorrow – it’s a fantastic building.
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USA D1: Brooklyn, Financial District and the bright lights of the big city

I would hardly call it a quality night’s sleep, but vaguely refreshed we trotted down the road to our first priorities of the day: local SIM card and coffee. Both successfully acquired, though the coffee strength was a bit meh.
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USA: And we’re off!

As I woke to the sounds of wheelie bins being blown down our street, it seemed pretty clear that the promised storm had indeed arrived. We kept an anxious eye on the flight departures, especially as cancellations began to be posted.
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