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Posts from the ‘Ukraine’ Category

Chernobyl (Part 2)

Ukraine Day 3. After a night staying in the exclusion zone we were ready to be shown more of the environs around Chernobyl. Read more

Chernobyl (Part 1)

Ukraine Day 2. Going to the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone may sound like a strange thing to do. Its been a place of fascination for me for a long time, especially the ghost city of Pripyat, stemming from a passionate interest in abandoned buildings and dereliction. This must of course be balanced against the tragic story behind the zone and the dark legacy that will live on for centuries to come. Read more

A quick look at Kyiv

Ukraine Day 1. A short side trip begins for what may well be the highlight of my five weeks away. Read more

Poland trip preview

On September 1st – soon, eek – I’m heading off for a five-week solo adventure. Poland is the main focus with a dash of Ukraine and a dot of Germany thrown in as well. Read more

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