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Vietnam: 17~Up river for a cooking lesson

Dan and Mark had organised a cooking lesson for us in Vietnamese food, which followed on quite nicely from our tour of the produce markets. Though I have to say elements of that had not exactly stimulated my appetite!

I hadn’t really been looking forward to this part of the day as I’m pretty indifferent toward cooking. But it was much more enjoyable than I expected. Read more

Vietnam: 16~Regard and recoil at the produce markets

The next morning we tootled along to a restaurant to meet the chef who would be taking us on a tour of the Hoi An fresh produce markets. Read more

Vietnam: 15~Exploring old Hoi An

The banner said “Welcome to Hoi An Ancient Town”. We had been dropped off in the old town, a few minutes drive from the beach area where we were staying. Read more

Vietnam: 14~Ahhh, resort life

Confirming our suspicions, in daylight the resort was indeed nice. Very nice. Mind you it doesn’t take much to impress me in such matters. It was quite fancy, had nice gardens, it was on the beach, and had no obvious creepy crawlies. That kinda does it for me. Read more

Vietnam: 13~Night time arrival in Hoi An

After the morning at Cu Chi, a few hours on the bus, and a short flight, we arrived in Danang. From there it was a 45 minute coach transfer to our final destination, Hoi An. Read more

Vietnam: 12~Cu Chi tunnels

Cu Chi is famous for the huge concentration of tunnels built and used by Vietnamese communist resistance forces during the war. Because it was a base for Viet Cong, Cu Chi also became a focus point for American military operations. Nowadays, thanks to the close proximity to Saigon, it’s a big tourism site. Read more

Vietnam: 11~Road to Cu Chi

It was going to be a long and full day, starting in south Vietnam and finishing in central Vietnam. We checked out of the hotel and like the eager travellers we were, piled back into our bus.

Before we ventured north we had one final big activity to do. Cu Chi was our destination, an area famous for tunnels used by the Viet Cong in the war. It wasn’t that far out of Saigon but as it takes an age to get anywhere it would take up much of the day. Read more

Vietnam: 10~In the Mekong Delta

We had reached the Mekong Delta. The bus driver deposited us and our guide at a departure point along the river and we were shown to a long covered ferry type boat with open sides. For about half an hour we were taken around, along, across the river.

There was just so much to see – the combination of muddy water, old boats and houses, clutter and colour everywhere. Read more

Vietnam: 9~Lacquerware & a bus ride to Mekong

In a long mini bus we set off on a day trip to the Mekong Delta, which I was really looking forward to. Many of us keenly watched out the window with cameras poised… sooo like tourists, but to heck with it. Read more

Vietnam: 8~Birthday celebrations are go!

After a long day outside the city and a few days on my own, it was time to meet up with some friends. The birthday girl Danielle, the birthday boy Mark, and a group of their friends had now arrived in Saigon. I wandered over to their hotel for a few G&Ts, checking out the nice digs that I would be checking into the following day. Read more

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