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A constantly evolving list (growing more than anything!) – sometimes specific, sometimes general. So much to see and do… My choice of destination is usually influenced by the following interests: historic sites, military history, natural wonders, wildlife in natural habitat, motorsport, sites of devastation, family connections, rail journeys, great places for road trips.

It is grouped by country/region in alphabetical order, with other experiences at the bottom. Some completed items predate this blog, though this isn’t a definitive list of all travel to date either.

North Africa – Various NZ sites of interest from WW2 (Egypt, Libya)
Also in Egypt: Giza, Nile
See wildlife in the National Parks
Gorilla watching
See a sunrise and sunset in the desert (sorta did the sunset near Dubai, Sep 2010, but the sunrise failed miserably)
Maybe Kilimanjaro?


Cambodia: Angkor Wat, Killing Fields
Great Wall of China (Sep 2014)
Japan: Tokyo, Hiroshima, Iwo Jima, see cherry blossom
North Korea
Vietnam (2009)


Bathurst 1000
Coastal highway Adelaide to Melbourne
International Airshow (Melbourne)
Rail journeys

NZ sites of interest from WW1 (Sep 2010)

Canadian Rockies (2004, 2016)
Rail journeys (Rocky Mountaineer in 2004)
See polar bears (2004)
Yukon (2004)

Easter Island

NZ sites of interest from WW1 (Sep 2010)
Paris (Sep 2010)
Le Mans (24 hour race)
Champagne (fleeting stop in Sep 2010, must go back)
Alps (Sep 2010)

Galapagos Islands

Sites from WW2
Drive the Autobahn, pref. in a German sports car (partially, in Sep 2010, though I don’t feel the diesel Renault counted)

Crete – NZ sites of interest from WW2


Isle of Man
For the TT races

Formula 1 grand prix at Monza (Sep 2010)
Venice (Sep 2010)
NZ sites of interest from WW2
Amalfi Coast

Middle East
Dubai (Sep 2010)
Turkey (Sep 2010)

New Zealand
Southland: Catlins (Jan 2013), Bluff >> planned Jan 2017
Doubtful Sound (Jan 2013)
Stewart Island >> planned Jan 2017
Mount Cook >> planned Jan 2017
West Coast (Dec 2012)
Christchurch post-earthquakes
Tongariro Crossing (Jan 2015)
Rail journeys: Picton to Chch, Chch to Greymouth (Jun 2016); Wgtn to Akld (Nov 2014)

Pacific Islands
Aitutaki (or similar; one day it might be time to prioritise a pure relaxation holiday!)
Fiji (2000)
Rarotonga (Nov 2011)

See where family originated from – Gdansk area (Sep 2015)
Auschwitz (Sep 2015)

Trans Siberian Railway

Camino de Santiago

See where part of the family originated from (Sep 2010)
Stay in the Alps (Sep 2010)
Rail journeys

Chernobyl (Sep 2015)

United Kingdom
Places where family originated from in Cornwall & Hampshire (May 2012)
London (Sep 2010, May 2012)
Edinburgh (May 2012)
Edinburgh Tattoo
Scottish highlands and islands

Route 66
San Francisco – Alcatraz
Miami and Florida Keys (2013, not all the way down the Keys, but hey)
New Orleans (2013)
New York (1997, 2004, 2013)
Washington DC (1997, 2004, 2013)
Hawaii – especially Pearl Harbour
Big motorsport events: NASCAR @ Talladega Raceway (2013), Daytona 500, Indy 500, drag racing (2004)
Other big sporting events: NHL, baseball, football (sufficiently happy with efforts in 2013)
Have a NASCAR ride experience (2013, though need to now do the drive experience!)
Country & western culture

Have a white Christmas
View bears in the wild (polar bears 2004, grizzlies & black bears in Canada Sep 2016)
See the northern lights
See a big airshow
Snowboarding in North America / Europe
Motorhome holiday
Try a cruise
Go to a spa retreat for a few days – Bali maybe…

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  1. An amazing travel to do list! What a great idea. Good luck with it all! 🙂

    15 January 2013
    • Slowly but surely! (Faster would be better, but hey.) 🙂 thanks

      15 January 2013
  2. Hi Hayley, As a more recent resident [15 years a newbie] of Waioneke – had great fun stumbling upon your blog just now. Loved the bucket list, great photies and ambling commentary. All power to you – best wishes.

    15 November 2015
    • Hi Hamish, many thanks for taking the time to read and comment! 15 years, well you’ll definitely be a local by now. I see you’re a creative professional, all the ruralness out there must be a great environment for that.

      15 November 2015

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