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Street festival

Something a little more real time… this weekend is the CubaDupa street festival in Wellington, centered around (and inspired by) the lively and diverse Cuba Street. The festival debuted last year to replace the Cuba Street Carnival which had been absent for a few years due to lack of funding. We popped along for a couple of hours yesterday to join the rest of Wellington in soaking up the occasion.

If you don’t know Wellington, Cuba Street lies in the heart of the central city and is a blend of shops and cafes/bars. Named after an early settlers’ ship, Cuba St’s uniqueness and charm for me is made by the heritage buildings which feature along its almost 1km length. It has an eclectic, creative vibe and is the perfect place to base a festival.

These events always remind me how much I enjoy the large samba percussion groups. We’ll have to plan better to see more of that next year.

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  1. Great Pics. Looks like a good time was had by all. 🙂

    20 March 2016
  2. My Internet is being very glitchy this afternoon. I hope this comment posts!! Cuba St looks a fun place to be 🙂

    23 March 2016
  3. Janice Strong #

    Looks amazing Hayley. The photos are fantastic as is the weather. I can certainly feel the buzz. Wellington certainly has a definite creative feel.

    2 April 2016
    • Thank you Janice! Sorry I had meant to reply earlier, it’s been a silly couple of weeks. Will email next month x

      16 April 2016
      • Janice Strong #

        That’s fine Hayley. Talk soon. x

        17 April 2016
  4. Fab photos – I always find it hard to get good shots of people – yours really capture the vibe 🙂

    7 April 2016
    • Thanks for that, really appreciate it!

      16 April 2016

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