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Winterless North 3 ~ the stormy part

It sounded stormy. I peeked out the curtains and saw that it was. Goodie.

I am a storm ghoul. I love bad weather… y’know, provided I am warm and well fed, etc. (That wasn’t the case in the aftermath of a spectacular storm a couple of years ago!)

Despite the positive slant on the good weather disappearing, it did throw plans into disarray. The intention had been to drive up to Paihia and meet my friend Janice for lunch as ordinarily we live about 800km apart. Even if Cyclone Pam was keeping herself a good distance off the mainland, she was still an unknown quantity and the forecast was pretty grim. Janice and I settled for a catch up on the phone instead.

stormy surf in tutukaka harbour

So Mike and I trundled inland to Whangarei for coffee and food (in that order) and took the opportunity to stop for a closer look at the old dry stone walls lining the road.

dry stone walls at glenbervie

Constructed mainly by Dalmatian immigrants over several decades from the 1850s, they’re a fascinating throwback to the region’s agricultural beginnings when the land had been laden with volcanic rock. And in places still is.

stones in paddocks at glenbervie

A good chunk of the rest of the day was spent checking out the beaches. It was gloriously wild. This was at Matapouri Bay, contrasting with the idyllic scenes from the day before.

And with the big waves comes the surfers.

By the next day the worst had passed. It was time to go home in any case so we drove back to Auckland Airport, stopping here and there to see the storm residue.

waves marching into the bay

bream head from ruakaka beach

post storm swell at orewa

surfer at orewa

‘Winterless North’ may have been a bit contradictory but it gave an already great weekend a bit of extra spice. We ditched the Flying Poo, who, despite its name, was unable to fly us the rest of the way home.

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  1. It looks wild and wooly and wonderful! I love storms and wild seas but only when I”m on dry land! The last photo is great with the surfer surrounded by the giant beach and angry sea.

    19 July 2015
  2. Janice Strong #

    Great photos Hayley shows the spectacular seas in such weather. Thank you for the mention it was a shame we did not get to see each other hopefully next time. Nevertheless a very varied trip for you weather wise. Enjoyed your blog.

    19 July 2015
    • Yes hopefully next time, another few years away though it may be. x

      20 July 2015
  3. Great photos Haley. They are always so interesting. Reading your blog is the best travel experience for me and I relish seeing the pics. I’ve always been fascinated with New Zealand when I read about it in Nat Geo or some other magazine. Your pics give a more personal impression of NZ.

    21 July 2015
    • It was so nice to get your comment today Yvonne, thank you for your continued support. I do love being able to quietly wave a NZ flag here in my tiny corner of the Internet :).

      21 July 2015

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