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Winterless North 2 ~ a wedding

While we were having a relaxed couple of days on the beautiful Tutukaka coast, others were scurrying around completing last minute wedding preparations and trying to second guess what impact the cyclone was going to have.

We were in this out-of-the-way part of NZ for the wedding of one of my first cousins, Steve, to Sheree. They returned from London where they live to be married at home.

Our instructions were to meet at the local hotel on Saturday afternoon where we’d be bussed to the secret wedding location. The weather event off to the north, given the unlikely name of Pam, was evident only by a stronger than normal wind; otherwise it was a beautiful day. The wind was of concern due to the location of the ceremony.

The bus took us to the local winery, Sailfish Cove, and there we walked a few minutes down a steep grass track to the water’s edge. It was stunning.

ceremony venue

Gran made the trip to Tutukaka so that she could see a third grandchild get married. Fortunately she got a lift down the hill where mum and dad had her wheelchair set up and ready to go. She was looking lovely in believe it or not her wedding dress from 1943 (with a lace cardy that mum found to match)!

After the much anticipated arrival of gorgeous Sheree and her entourage, it took a minute of fighting the wind to get the veil under control. However, that was essentially the only ‘impact’ that Cyclone Pam had on the event – pretty lucky!

wedding ceremony

Before the ceremony, Steve’s two surviving grandparents (including Gran) were given the rings to look after, the bands sitting on their little fingers until they were needed.

ring exchange

The ceremony was lovely, both personal and traditional, not too long and not too short.

signing the register

wedding party

Music throughout was courtesy of the very talented Martin family. One or two of the classical pieces were possibly a bit familiar – but my ears pricked up with the Metallica number at the end!

Martin Family musicians

sheree and gran

me, dad, mike

The guests lurked around until we were all shooed back up to the winery where drinks and nibbles were waiting. A good incentive for the uphill trudge!

walking back

post-ceremony drinks venue

While knocking back a bubbly or two there were more photos happening, of course, and amazing views to take in.

poor knights islands

bride with groom's family

The appreciation of things liquid and visual was cut short by buses returning to take us to the reception. It was a beautiful and delicious event full of neat touches such as this…

cake decoration

During the evening the weather began to whip up. We left the kids to it and retreated to our waterfront pad, keen to see what Pam would look like in the morning.

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  1. sounds like a fabulous day 🙂 I can’t get the photos to download 😦 in awe of your grandmother being able to wear her 1943 wedding dress! I can’t squeeze into my own from 4 years ago!

    10 July 2015
    • Her dress (navy blue) is still in pretty good nick and try as her family might to fatten her up, Gran just doesn’t have any meat on her bones! Still, she’s pretty great for 98 :).

      13 July 2015
  2. Aah Haley your grandmother is a beautiful lady who appears to be gracious and loving. And her dress from all those years ago is very pretty, Love the blue. All the photos that you took are just wonderful. They all turned out really good. The scenery is stunning and the setting for the wedding was a fantastic choice.

    The bride was so pretty and the groom quite handsome. All the wedding attire was in excellent taste and I’m sure that you and your man had an enjoyable time.

    10 July 2015
    • Thank you Yvonne! Gran would be tickled to hear that. It is a lovely dress and during the ceremony the celebrant gave reference to it, which drew a great reaction! Wasn’t the location something … Until I was 30 I lived only about three hours away but left it until now for my first visit – that was a good thing in hindsight as it meant Mike and I could explore it together.

      13 July 2015
  3. Janice Strong #

    What a beautiful wedding Hayley and you did it justice with fantastic photos. Your Gran looks amazing Hayley as you do too. An incredible location and everyone looks very happy. Thank you for sharing.

    12 July 2015
    • The weekend took a bit of getting over for Gran but she did great on the day and most of all I think she enjoyed having nearly all of her family together. Thank you Janice 🙂 x

      13 July 2015
  4. I mentioned a bottle of wine in my last comment. And now I read the wedding was at that boutique vineyard. What a fantastic location!

    Your images are gorgeous, and do justice to the day. And your Gran looked as radiant as the bride.

    31 August 2015
    • Didn’t she!! It’s even more of a special image / occasion now as Gran has recently had to be moved into a nursing home. Thanks Cindi.

      31 August 2015

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