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Queensland coastalness and final Brisbane highlights

And then it was Sunday. I was again mightily relieved to wake in the knowledge that I had not been attacked by 8-legged nocturnal visitors and so could look forward to the the activities Freddie had lined up for my final day.

We began by taking the train out to one of Brisbane’s coastal suburbs. It took a while but for someone who loves sitting in a train and watching the world go by, it was great.

Shorncliffe Station

Our walkabout began. One of my first impressions upon arriving in Brisbane was the architectural style of the Queenslander; elevated homes with verandahs and often beautiful wooden, um, trim bits [insert correct architectural term here]. Plenty of this was on display out in Shorncliffe, as well as one or two other gems of buildings.

We reached the coastal road and descended to the walkway.

Bramble Bay

Shorncliffe has several k’s of coastal path, part of the 150km Moreton Bay Cycleway. We did a shorter loop walk that would eventually see us back at the train station.

We pulled off in a picnic area so that I could make some running repairs to my blistered feet. Sitting down to do this was a bit dicey, lest the expression ‘ants in your pants’ became a reality.

One of the area’s features is the Shorncliffe Pier, about 350m long and dating back to the 1880s. However we arrived to find it closed. This wasn’t a recent thing; turns out it had been closed since mid-2012 because of safety concerns. I’ve read that work began a few months after my visit and the upgraded pier should be opened early next year.

We found an ant-free spot to park ourselves for lunch, looking out to the bay and pier and families enjoying some beach time.

By Shorncliffe Jetty

Above and around was local birdlife, the low light and movement getting the better of my left-handed photo-taking efforts.

We followed the path around and back through suburbia to complete our loop walk. Fred mentioned during the day that she could see herself living out here. I did what I could to encourage that line of thinking :).

Back in the city it was wet underfoot. Walking past Anzac Square I deviated for a look, remembering that Dad had marked Anzac Day in Brisbane a few years before.

We jumped on a bus this time for the half hour or so ride up to Mount Coot Tha, one of the city’s lookouts. It was a great spot and we sat a while having a drink in the cafe, appreciating the views even on this rather grey day.

It was here that I took my favourite photo from the trip. From our cafe table we saw a kookaburra perched on a lamp post. I needed to get closer though so I stealthed down the path, highly surprised that it didn’t take off.

Brisbane kookaburra

Cheers kookaburra! And that was mostly that. We returned home for a night in (chick flick, Fred’s great cooking and the little guy below) and the next day I woke at ridiculous o’clock to make my way to the airport.


I really enjoyed Brisbane and the flights are pretty cheap so figured I should pay Freddie a return visit this year – and that’s what I’ll be doing in two week’s time. Can’t wait.

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  1. What gorgeous buildings. Love all the details and the fancy balustrades. What a special place and how lovely that you are returning there in a couple of weeks.

    2 May 2015
    • They’ve had extreme amounts of rain this weekend so hopefully the weather will be better behaved for me! Otherwise, maybe a tad less walking this time.

      3 May 2015
  2. I always enjoy your travel logs and learn so much about the places that you visit. I like how the homes, etc. are built up high. Wondered if that is because the areas are prone to flooding or if living higher off the ground affords better air circulation thus making things cooler during hot weather.

    And the kookaburra is a treat to view. The bird’s name alone is fascinating.

    3 May 2015
    • Yes you’re right, sitting the house up high is a response to the sub-tropical climate and helps with ventilation, rain water drainage and protects the main building from termites etc! Always nice to hear from you Yvonne.

      3 May 2015
  3. Such a great trip … and the kookaburra photo is my favorite, too.

    Have a great return trip! 🙂

    12 May 2015

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