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While out riding: Island lookout

Today we took Mike’s boys and our bikes to Queen Elizabeth Park on the Kapiti Coast.

Mike and Flynn

I’m not in love with mountain biking (though I loved this) and that today was my first ride in 18 months is no truer proof! As my just reward, the park was hillier than we thought and I forgot my gel seat so various body parts will be feeling it tomorrow.

The coastal track has views of Kapiti Island which we visited a couple of summers ago.

The park is a beautiful native environment of sand dunes and wetlands. It’s also the area where 20,000 US Marines were based during WWII for rest and recovery between stints fighting in the Pacific. There’s a great memorial and I’ll post about that another time.

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  1. Sand dunes and wetlands sounds like a perfect place.

    3 January 2015
    • It was a lovely peaceful place though I think I would have appreciated it more on foot rather than concentrating on getting to the end of the ride!

      3 January 2015

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