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East Cape 8: Catching up with whanau

We’d just finished blasting around the East Cape but the main point of us being in the region was a family gathering in Gisborne over the weekend.

There was no particular reason for it other than it had been three years since the last such occasion. In the intervening period, we were very saddened to lose one of Dad’s brothers which underlined the value in holding gatherings outside of funerals.

It was held in the same place as last time, on my uncle’s property, and concentrated mainly over Saturday afternoon and night.

Sunny Gisborne didn’t exactly oblige but we darted between tent and shed and all was well.

A few (perhaps quieter!) hours the next morning took care of breakfast and taking down the by then dried out marquee, before some of us out-of-towners shot through.

We’ll all be back again in a few years time, provided there are keen people to organise the next one. As a way of staying somewhat connected across this large extended family, and to tie together the past, present and future, these occasions are invaluable.

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  1. Hayley, what a wonderful mosaic of family togetherness! Thanks for sharing the photos, I can sense the love 😉 I’m curious to know how that phrase ends: “Know Who You…”? (Are? Love? Hugged Today?!)

    23 August 2014
    • Thanks Amit! Everyone was pretty tolerant of the camera which was great. I think it’s Know Who You Are – it would’ve been promo signage from a brand of beer (or similar) from when my uncle owned a pub! If I’d been aware of it at the time, I’d have positioned it fully in the shot since it’s pretty apt for the situation 🙂

      23 August 2014
      • Ahh.. so that’s it! Sounds so simple, but… for a beer company’s promo?! And you’re right, it’s so apropo 😉

        28 August 2014
  2. Marnie #

    This ‘post’ will become even more precious as time goes by. Good one!

    23 August 2014
  3. Christine #

    It is heartening for Dad and I to see / read how well you have recorded our East Coast Family Heritage Ramblings, topped off with our Family Gathering..Much appreciated.

    23 August 2014
    • I’m disappointed it took me six months, but thanks!

      24 August 2014
  4. Christine #

    PS: Wonderful also to relive the 2011 Grace Gathering which was attended by the then 8 surviving siblings. So special in retrospect now Olly has joined Mac and Anne and their parents……..

    23 August 2014
  5. Such warm family memories for you! I enjoyed joining you vicariously. 🙂

    25 August 2014
  6. Happy Days! What fun to have family meet-ups – lots of smiling faces and I bet lots of laughter too 😀 great memories for you all/

    26 August 2014
    • Yes, laughter guaranteed with that lot!

      28 August 2014

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