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Site of old Potaka school

The school had been in between the old school house, furthest away, and the old telephone exchange.

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  1. Michael Downey #

    I was a first day pupil at the “old” or first Potaka School. The year was 1936 (give or take).
    I can send a photo of the original school if anyone is interested.
    Also a copy of my Standard VI certificate dated 1940. I also have knowledge of the building of the school if anyone is interested.

    27 November 2016
    • Hi Michael, belated thanks for your message – I am visiting my parents for Xmas and Dad remembers your family name, said you lived further up the valley from them. It’s a fascinating slice of East Cape history. I’d like to include the photo you have on this blog post (with the appropriate referencing) if that would be ok. I’ll send you an email to organise. many thanks, Hayley

      23 December 2016
    • Hi, would love any photos or information that you may have pertaining to Potaka, I am of the Te Kani family and currently administrator at the present Potaka School. Looking forward to hearing from you.

      4 May 2017
  2. Ashleigh brookes Waitapu #

    That’s my Nana an grand dads house still is to thus day.. That’s home

    13 October 2020
    • That’s interesting, thank you for commenting. I wonder if any other random people stop there to see where the school used to be!

      23 October 2020

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