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Wellington Street Art (2)

I left Mike and boys watching the ‘bird man’ competition on the waterfront and set off on another quest to find street art. My first such walkabout in August really stimulated my interest in this genre and now, five months later, I was out for another go.

Cable St, Bond St, Victoria St

I started with a fantastic shark mural that appeared in Sept before continuing on, covering some of the same ground I explored last time.

This walkabout highlighted the temporary nature this art form inherently possesses, with two sites painted over since August (one definitely by the same artists).

Opera House Lane

My focus moved to a couple of lanes off Manners Street. This first was a relative treasure trove; the density and layers of art, graffiti and tagging point to this area being a popular street canvas for decades.

Lukes Lane

While ‘less busy’ there were still several pieces here to see here. Access down this lane had been closed during my previous walkabout (and for several weeks altogether I think) due to an elevator shaft that had been destabilised by earthquakes. The offending structure has now been removed.

Tennyson St

A few blocks away were a couple of murals I’d glimpsed from the bus in the mornings. Now I could investigate at closer quarters.

I called it quits there and caught the bus home. I can see this will be an ongoing project and I’ve taken to making notes on my phone when I spy some art so that I can return on foot with camera. Newtown is next on my list for local exploration, but before then I’ll be heading down to Christchurch to check out the Rise street art festival.

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  1. Janice Strong #

    This art is fantastic Hayley I absolutely loved this blog. It is quite addictive and I cannot say which I liked best they are all so fascinating and somehow I felt transported into another world looking at each one. The Christchurch festival sounds great and the video on the site is great will be great to see in person. Thanks for sharing this day. Looking forward to seeing more. Love Janice xxx

    7 March 2014
    • Thanks Janice, glad you’re an appreciator as well! I’m off to Chch tomorrow, really looking forward to it.

      7 March 2014
  2. I’m astonished at the quality of art that is merely painted, seemingly for the fun of it. Wonder if any of those artists puts their talent on canvas. Much of the art would most likely sell if it were made available for purchase. Very nice pics and post. ~ yvonne

    7 March 2014
    • Hi Yvonne, it’s fantastic isn’t it. I like the way you just chance upon it; on my walkabouts it’s sort of like a treasure hunt. I’ve seen that a couple of street artists produce on canvas as well – I agree, I definitely think there’s a market for what they do, in a more portable format. But they need those big ‘street canvases’ to do what they do best. Many thanks for your comment!

      7 March 2014
  3. Oh how things have changed in four years… I used to love walking around and looking at the new graffiti that popped up along those and other lanes and streets. πŸ™‚

    7 March 2014
    • Hi Tina, I bet there’s been a lot of ‘art changeover’ in that time – would be really interesting to see comparisons. I’ll have to try and keep cataloguing it from here on!

      11 March 2014
  4. Fab photos Hayley – I love the shark mural. I tried to take some photos of it when it first appeared but it was on a day that was so windy I couldn’t hold my camera straight. Looking forward to seeing more.

    10 March 2014
    • It’s brilliant isn’t it.

      If there’s one thing I don’t ever under any circumstances ever do ever, it’s use “LOL”, but I did inwardly chuckle at your wind experience. πŸ™‚

      11 March 2014
  5. Hayley, these are great pics. I think that you already know that I’m nuts about street art? It’s such fun when one stumbles across these gems, no surprises that you take notes, I’d do the same. Some people hate graffiti, but I love it, it’s free expression and should be valued. When we first lived in Jakarta, there was some great art on the walls of the flyovers and underpasses but two years down the line, it was all painted over by government officials. So sad 😦 enjoy your trips out with the camera and I look forward to seeing more! πŸ˜€ xxx

    13 March 2014
    • I’m not sure I did know that Lottie (but then my memory’s a bit shite πŸ™‚ ) though being the creative and adventurous soul you are it’s not surprising! It is really great when officialdom allows or turns a blind eye to these splashes of art in the concrete jungles of our cities – or very occasionally, sponsors it. And if you’re a street or graffiti artist somewhere where that’s not the case, I guess you must live in the knowledge that your work could be very temporary indeed. Have you seen much in Spain so far?

      15 March 2014
  6. Ali #

    Wow! There’s so many. Some of those paintings are amazing. It’s great to have time to wonder around your own city and really explore. I must get back into the city here more often for an exploration. Of course, I go in every day for work or uni, but never hang around anymore!

    29 March 2014
    • It can take a long time to get round to seeing stuff on your doorstep aye.

      1 April 2014
  7. Great pic’s. The colours are amazing. Are these abandoned buildings? I ask, because the ones I saw in Austin were.

    4 April 2014
    • Good question – most of them didn’t seem to be, but it can be hard to tell sometimes. Thanks for the visit.

      4 April 2014
  8. I love art and in some cases street art also. You found many “funny” wall art, I love them. Great post indeed.

    4 April 2014
    • Hi Matti, thanks for your comment. It’s fun looking for individual details and pieces!

      5 April 2014
  9. Very cool β€”Β it reminds me a bit of Hosier Lane in Melbourne. Love street art!

    13 April 2014

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