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School is out!

Like many other gleeful people, I’ve finished work for the year and have a two week break before cranking into 2014.

Last year Mike and I went down to our beloved South Island. Plans this time are fairly low key. For starters, after an absence of I think two years, I’m heading north to see my family for Christmas (and in real time, I’m here). Mike will fly up a few days later and we’ll make our way back down the island, with stops in the Tongariro National Park and with friends for New Years Eve.

The NZ summer at this time of year is often a bit dubious and the current forecast is a case in point. It was a bit dodgy the other evening when Mike and I had our traditional pre-Christmas picnic around the Miramar peninsula coast – held on the 24th when possible; this time it was Christmas Eve-Eve-Eve-Eve.

Looks calm-ish?

Looks calm-ish?

The location is determined by the weather. This year the strong northerly sent us to Breaker Bay, where in warmer conditions it is a favourite location for naturists. We scanned the beach for telltale flashes of beige but if there were any eking out the last of the sun, they were well hidden.


Beach picnic

The only other beach inhabitants were a few people fishing and a mob of hungry seagulls who scurried our way after being abandoned by a group of departing fishermen. They fared little better with us.


The cloud cover later ruined any chance for sunset skies

The cloud cover later ruined any chance for sunset skies


Breaker Bay, Wellington

Breaker Bay, Wellington

We stopped off at a couple of other bays on the way home.

One of the boat sheds damaged in the June storm

One of the boat sheds damaged in the June storm

Hole in a rock, Lyall Bay
Bunny tail grass

We followed that up the next day with lunch at a waterfront cafe, taking the opportunity to walk the 45mins or so from home.

Kayaker, Evans Bay

Boat sheds, Evans Bay

Boat sheds, Evans Bay


Evans Bay Marina

Breakwater, Evans Bay Marina

One year I’d love to swap all this for a white Christmas. Whatever colour yours is, I hope it is happy.

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  1. Looks great! Merry Christmas

    25 December 2013
  2. Janice Strong #

    Awesome photos Hayley and what a contrast in skies from one day to the next. Such a lovely way to celebrate Christmas with the two of you and share those Christmas bubbles with all of us. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to the both of you too.
    Janice and Craig

    25 December 2013
    • Hi Janice, thank you and I hope you both had a lovely Christmas Day. Have you had a lot of rain? Love and best wishes for a healthy and happy New Year.

      30 December 2013
      • Janice Strong #

        We are having quite a lot of rain at present although right at the moment the sun is shining but in fact we did need the rain as the ground was very dry having had no rain prior to Christmas. For once the rain is at the right amount except that we need some days of sunshine to get our hay cut. Never satisfied are we!

        30 December 2013
  3. So many interesting and beautiful photos. The color of sand is black?

    Happy New Year 2014!

    30 December 2013
    • Yes many of our west coast beaches have black ironsands as a result of volcanic activity a long long time ago.

      Happy New Year to you as well!

      30 December 2013

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