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USA: And we’re off!

As I woke to the sounds of wheelie bins being blown down our street, it seemed pretty clear that the promised storm had indeed arrived. We kept an anxious eye on the flight departures, especially as cancellations began to be posted.

She’ll be right though, we thought (ok, hoped) – and turned out she was.

More of a concern for me was what I needed to get done at work. I must’ve had the demeanour of a mad woman as I darted round the office. I don’t like to leave my project this close to our end objective, but I have an excellent team and the world won’t stop turning just because I’m not there.

Nevertheless I was a few minutes late leaving. With Mike’s tone of voice earlier suggesting that any tardiness could put the whole operation at risk, I actually ran like a mad woman through the wet and windy Wellington CBD to our meeting place.

I should’ve had more faith in the she’ll be right logic. We were ready for our taxi pickup from home in good time, our calmness then ruffled by a battle with Air NZ’s touch-screen kiosks. (Select-properly-damn-you!)

Bye Wellington - no need to be sulky

Bye Wellington – no need to be sulky

A bumpy descent into a dreary looking Auckland preceded a walk over to the international terminal to find my parents and grandmother. They made the trip into the city to hang out for a while and see us off. Last time I saw Gran she was in hospital so it was good to see her looking back to normal.

Quick catch-up with Mum, Dad and Gran at Auckland International

Quick catch-up with Mum, Dad and Gran at Auckland International

Me and Gran

Our next flight was delayed leaving by an hour as a result of a repair job for damage sustained to the aircraft by a vehicle earlier in the day. (Huh?)

Twelve tedious hours later we arrived late into a sunny San Fran that we could look at out the windows but not investigate further. Eventually making it through the various checkpoints and scans (we are now in the US of A after all) we had just enough time to transfer terminals and grab some food before the next flight.


Virgin America

Bye San Fran, we'll visit you properly another day

Bye San Fran, we’ll visit you properly another day

Cue five more tedious hours…


Virgin America

It was well into the hours of darkness by now and as we got closer we could study the golden twinkle of populations below. We landed at Newark and found our shuttle which deposited us at our midtown Manhattan hotel a little after midnight.

Fancy chairs in the hotel lounge

Fancy chairs in the hotel lounge

In the wee hotel elevator

In the wee hotel elevator

And now, around 1.30am, with occasional police sirens blaring in the neighbourhood, it’s fantastic to know we are finally in New York City.

Daily stats:

  • Number of times we were swabbed for explosives – 1
  • (Number of times Mike has now been randomly chosen for that – 3)
  • Hours of sleep in the 24 hours it took to get from Wellington to NYC – 4 at best
  • Number of cats that can be swung in our hotel room – 2
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    1. David #

      stay safe!

      10 October 2013
      • Sure will try to! Thanks David.

        11 October 2013
    2. Janice Strong #

      Well Hayley that was a fantastic read to the start of your holiday maybe a little hair-raising for you both but you are there! Great have a wonderful time and I shall keep my eyes peeled for more superb reads.

      10 October 2013
      • Thank you Janice, it was a loooong and boring-ish day to get here but it’s now the start of day 1. I better get up and ready! x

        11 October 2013
    3. What a great way to leave for your trip – a mini-family reunion at the Auckland airport! Welcome to the US … wave hello for me, especially as you travel south. Enjoy! Can’t wait to see your photos!

      11 October 2013
    4. Thank You for this interesting post. I love to see airplane photos, because I worked for Finnair nearly 40 years.

      11 October 2013
    5. wow you have a 2-cat-swing hotel room?? Must be huge for New York!

      14 October 2013
      • Small circle swings only 🙂

        15 October 2013
    6. Hayley — I’ve been a bit MIA from WordPress — I can’t believe you’ve been to the US and back!! I hope you had a good time and were treated well by Americans. I’m really looking forward to catching up on your and Mike’s adventures!

      P.S. Isn’t US security a pain?! It was so nice when we were Down Under not to take our shoes off in every security line and to be able to bring a full water bottle through.

      4 November 2013
      • Hi Steph, yes; bam October has been and gone! We loved our time over there and are sorry it’s come to an end. The house will be filled with reminders though, from the fridge magnets to the block-mounted posters! And not forgetting, a kazillion photos which will need to be refined down into a photobook.

        Seriously you need about four arms to get through US security smoothly. Next time I might have to consider slip-ons!

        4 November 2013

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