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Worldwide WP 5km

I don’t normally get involved in blogging themes and memes but this one-off fitted quite well into my blog. Sunday 29th September was set down as the Worldwide WordPress 5km, promoted by WordPress but pretty much open to anyone. The rules were simple: walk 5km and post about your finishing point.

My route was close to home, being the Miramar peninsula in Wellington, at the bottom of New Zealand’s North Island.

The overcast morning was devoid of wind as I made my way to the coastal road, a bit groggily as our clocks went forward last night which usually puts things out of whack a little.

Shelly Bay Road, Wellington

I love this area and appreciated the excuse to get some fresh air and just dilly dally along with my camera. One big distraction is always the old Shelly Bay Airforce Base with its many run-down structures.

Just beyond was Point Halswell and the turn-off to the end of my 5km. Up an incline (it’s not a proper Wellington walk without a hill after all) to firstly, the memorial to one of our Prime Ministers.

Memorial to William Massey, Prime Minister of NZ 1912-1925

Memorial to William Massey, Prime Minister of NZ 1912-1925

Wellington Harbour view

The memorial was built on top of the Point Halswell Battery, part of Wellington’s early coastal defence system. With that theme in mind, my partner Mike and his boys (aka my ride home!) joined me and we continued up the hill.

We walked up one of the old military roads we couldn’t access last time we came up here on account of the Hobbit filming. But they’re long gone now.

One of the Hobbit sets had been located here

One of the Hobbit sets had been located here

And here, among gun emplacements and with one of Wellington’s most fantastic harbour views, my walk finished.

WWII anti-aircraft gun batteries above the Massey Memorial

WWII anti-aircraft gun batteries above the Massey Memorial

My finishing line

My finishing line

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  1. Good for you, Hayley. I’m in need of a walk and some exercise. You live in such a beautiful part of the world. How exciting seeing where they filmed some of The Hobbit! Out of interest, how do you find out about the themes and memes? I’ve noticed that other bloggers sometimes post them but I’ve never really looked into it before – it seems like a good idea. Glad you enjoyed your day. Lottie 😀

    30 September 2013
    • Well that particular idea came from the blog. Like you, I see others do the daily and weekly prompt/challenge things which seem to originate from various different places, but I’m buggered if I could find the time in addition to what I normally manage to produce. Nice to see your comment Lottie!

      30 September 2013
  2. The idea of the walk is great. In my old place I shot photos from one kilometers trip every 200 meters. This happened “hundred” years ago.

    I love Your photos; they are so interesting and beautiful.

    5 October 2013
    • Thanks for your very kind comment, Matti

      6 October 2013

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