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Mount Ngauruhoe from Desert Rd

Mount Ngauruhoe

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  1. Janice Strong #

    Hayley this has been a wonderful series of blogs really enjoyed them. The photos are stunning particularly the sunsets and I love the one in black and white of the boys. An amazing place and it all brought back such memories too firstly of the Tongariro Crossing which I did in the 6th Form at school on a school trip just 6 of us and 2 teachers and we also climbed Ruapehu. This was before the face of the mountain changed with an eruption the year was 1969 in May. And of course all the years skiing staying at the Ski Club. Your photo of the car driving home away from your holiday gave a nostalgic feeling. You certainly make places come alive Hayley. Looking forward to hearing your plans for your US trip. Love Janice xxx

    23 June 2013
    • Thanks as always for your lovely comment Janice! That area must be indelibly printed in your memory with so many experiences there. I should really have done the Crossing before now – hopefully the full track will reopen at some point after being closed by the last eruption.

      25 June 2013
      • Janice Strong #

        Yes hope it does reopen you will love it Hayley

        25 June 2013

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