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While out riding: Coffeeeee

Today we were taken on a two hour loop ride from Palmerston North city out into the hilly Manawatu countryside. This was our first time back in the saddle since the Motatapu ride more than two months ago so we weren’t sure how we’d hold up. It was also Sunday morning after a number of drinks the night before while catching up with friends…

Manawatu countryside

We coped admirably though body parts were starting to protest loudly when we finally made it back into town and to our cafe destination.

Rarely has coffee tasted so good.

Bikes outside Moxies

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  1. All that effort was so worth it though! Glad you had a great time. I love bicycling but haven’t done any for ages – high time I did as I”m getting bigger and bigger and bigger! X

    26 May 2013
    • It is a nice independent mode of transport and form of exercise but I do tend to enjoy the rides more when I look back on them! Biking in Indonesia would be a different kettle of fish – climate, gigantic spiders and so forth – but you’re probably well used to all that by now. 🙂

      26 May 2013
  2. Where’s mine?

    27 May 2013
    • In my tummy (must’ve been why I ordered two) – sorry 🙂

      27 May 2013
  3. Great post. We are taking coffee and sandwiches with us when making bicycle tours around here.

    31 May 2013

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