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While out riding: Oops and ouch!

This was me arriving home from an after-hours medical clinic three months ago.

It was not the result of a spectacular stack whilst fanging downhill or over jumps. Rather ingloriously, it happened during an uncoordinated dismount on uneven sloping ground. (Probably sounds silly, but sometimes the height of my seat catches me out!)


Mike and I were on a training ride in a local bike park getting ready for the Motatapu Adventure Race. I had to stay off the bike for a couple of months and while the wrist is still a bit dodgy, I’ve recently been able to resume training.

The event is this weekend down near Queenstown – a 47km course across spectacular South Island high country. It should be a fantastic challenge. My goals are to a) finish in under four hours; and b) stay in one piece!

Wish me luck!

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  1. I hope the ride went well, Hayley, and that you continue to mend!

    14 March 2013
    • Thanks for your kind thoughts – I survived! It was hard but good; great, even. Will do a post soon.

      14 March 2013

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