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While out riding: Is it a bus stop? Is it a lounge?

A brief interlude to the road trip posts and the spontaneous spawning of a random series of occasional pictures taken while out on my mountain bike.

We rode by this on Wednesday and I had to stop, climb off and stumble across the road for a photo. Amazingly this has been in place – and added to – since mid December. In this day and age I think that says that all is not lost with some parts of society.

Decorated bus shelter, Karori, Wellington

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  1. It looks a bit like my Dad’s shed!

    8 February 2013
    • Ha ha no wonder he likes to spend so much time there then!

      9 February 2013
  2. It is a wow-photo!

    9 February 2013
    • Not a sight you see very often!

      9 February 2013
  3. Fantastic! what a great idea 🙂

    9 February 2013
    • It is and I love the way that others took the basic beginnings (just a chair and bookshelf from what I could find out) and built upon it.

      9 February 2013
  4. Lu #

    How cool is this? This would never work in South Africa – the furniture would have long been reappropriated 😉

    13 February 2013
    • This wouldn’t have worked in other parts of Wellington; the furniture may have stayed (depending on its state) but I guarantee it would’ve been trashed!

      14 February 2013
  5. Hallo,
    This is for you, for being kind to others and me,

    Sweet Valentine greetings, Summer

    15 February 2013
  6. I’m gonna grab a book and occupy that armchair. Brilliant!

    24 February 2013
    • We rode past it again today and I’m happy to report that it’s still intact. Many thanks for visiting!

      24 February 2013
  7. Jon #

    I believe the council has moved the abode. Luved the idea. Guess things were getting we. We had such a luvly summer!

    4 August 2013

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