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Vietnam: 18~A birthday party and some local night life

After the visit to the markets and the cooking school, the evening was reserved for the birthday party.

Danielle and Mark, the tour organisers and friends from way back, both had 40th birthdays on the horizon and this night was the official party. The last few days had been building up to it and with the birthday boy and girl both having extensive hospitality backgrounds, this was always going to be an impressive occasion.

Most of us had brought in bubbles duty free and the evening began with giving those a good nudge before moving over to the function area, many of the group looking resplendent (and colourful) in their locally made garments.

Lovely ladies: Kylie, Danielle, Gillian

The menfolk of our group: Richard, Mark, Garrick, Graham

A marquee had been set up down one end of the resort with banquet and dining table and something of a sound system. A beautiful range of food and drinks had been prepared and of course we tried to do everything justice. Dessert was eaten at a table that had been set up on the beach which was unique and lovely.

Another couple of surprise inclusions in the night helped make it a personal and memorable occasion.

Marguerite and Garrick

Eating, drinking.... eating... but probably more drinking than anything judging by this photo....

The birthday duo, Dan and Mark, pondering speeches in this photo I think!

However, we had to pull the pin before midnight on account of noise – we weren’t being rowdy by any means but I guess it was enough to disturb the beauty sleep of others. A few of us had the excellent idea of going down the road to investigate a nightclub that someone had heard about. That kept us amused for a while. There may have been dancing, there most definitely was drinking, and there may also have been photos taken in strange places which I conveniently no longer have a record of. And whatever time I got to bed, it was completely incompatible with getting up at an ungodly hour for my planned outing the next day.

* * * * * *
This is part of a series recounting my 2009 trip to Vietnam.

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