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Coming soon! ~ 5 weeks in England, Scotland, Turkey

In two weeks I’m off on my next big trip. These things have a long incubation period so it’s pretty exciting for it to be almost time. I’m going to England, Scotland and Turkey – below is a high level itinerary. Of those countries I’ve only spent a brief time in England before, so the majority of it will be experiencing new places.

This trip isn’t my instigation, basically I’m just tagging along… with my parents! Yep I thought the days of family holidays were behind me, but never say never I guess. Mum and Dad have both recently retired and more than a year ago started thinking about visiting the UK to trace the places of family origin from both sides. Mum is heavily into genealogy so this trip is right up her alley. Dad’s not as bothered but he hasn’t been to the UK before and will be interested to have a look around.

As for my part in this: well I’d like to see where my ancestors come from and figured this would be my best opportunity. Mum is a font of knowledge on this stuff, but more than that, doing this with my parents should make it very memorable. And hopefully we won’t drive each other too crazy in the process!

I should add at this point that Mike is going to sit this trip out. He’s been there done that and will instead save his leave for our next big travel project; the US later next year.

The Turkey bit possibly seems an odd inclusion – especially when it occurs. Visiting Gallipoli has been a goal of mine for a long time and for whatever reason, I decided to include it with this trip. And long story short, it needed to be somewhere in the middle. And then Dad expressed interest, so to cut to the chase, he and I will leave Mum to it for five days while we pop across.

At the end of May we leave Mum again so that we get back to NZ before Queens Birthday weekend.

Anyway – Mum and Dad’s adventure starts tomorrow, with a few days in the US, and I catch up with them in Scotland in 2.5 weeks.


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  1. Janice Strong #

    So Exciting Hayley can’t wait to read your blogs. And it is great to have your itinerary we shall enjoy following your travels. Enjoy , Love Janice and Craig

    15 April 2012
    • Thank you both! I’m really looking forward to it – the travels and the blog updates.

      15 April 2012
  2. Nicki #

    Looking forward to more blogs. Almost like being there!

    30 April 2012

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