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Vietnam: 14~Ahhh, resort life

Confirming our suspicions, in daylight the resort was indeed nice. Very nice. Mind you it doesn’t take much to impress me in such matters. It was quite fancy, had nice gardens, it was on the beach, and had no obvious creepy crawlies. That kinda does it for me.

It was a gorgeous beachfront. Further north nearer Danang is the stretch known as China Beach. I loved that TV show.

I just managed to catch the beach groomer in action one morning a) before it plodded away and b) before my camera lense fogged up completely from the humidity

Arriving in town the previous evening, our guide explained that development of more such places was expected between Hoi An and Danang and we passed many works in various stages of progress. This isn’t necessarily a good thing.

Due to some of the regulations around such developments, one curious feature was the staking out of large plots of land with a proper perimeter fence along which guards had been posted in wee guard houses. Guarding pretty much nothing.

I thought it would be interesting to return in five years – which is now two years! – and see how much had been built up along what was a pretty quiet and pristine stretch of beach. In the meantime there’s been recession stuff so maybe very little has happened.

* * * * * *
This is part of a series recounting my 2009 trip to Vietnam.

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