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Vietnam: 13~Night time arrival in Hoi An

After the morning at Cu Chi, a few hours on the bus, and a short flight, we arrived in Danang. From there it was a 45 minute coach transfer to our final destination, Hoi An.

Danang... I'd be seeing it at closer quarters in a few days time

It was early evening and we enjoyed the transition through sunset to early night sky.

Our bus was doing well up until it died (though later it transpired that this breakdown was in fact staged). After a phone call and a few minutes wait the cavalry arrived in the form of cyclos riders with their trusty steeds. So the final part of our transfer was via a night time cyclo ride. Most pleasant.

We chose our cyclos and proceeded to get comfy.

Though I did cut my guy a break on a slight uphill section by climbing off!

Like a quiet relaxing cooling night time bike ride but without any of the physical effort

We were taken to our home for the next four nights: the Victoria Hoi An Beach Resort & Spa. I was looking forward to this as normally I stay somewhere in the lower half of the spectrum between hostel and resort.

Forming our first impressions of the resort. The troops look a bit pooped but then it had been a bit of a long day. Travelling can be so, so tough...

We pretty zonked and it was dark so we’d have to wait until morning for a better look.

* * * * * *
This is part of a series recounting my 2009 trip to Vietnam.

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