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Roger Waters The Wall Live

Unlike my parents’ penchance for country and opera, I gravitated more toward pop and rock. The first I think album I bought was Duran Duran and my first concert was ZZ Top. I was, after all, a teenager of the ‘80s!

Being of this era I also had reasonable exposure to Pink Floyd and in recent years, having resurrected my interest in the music, unconsciously added ‘Pink Floyd stadium experience’ to my mental bucket list. Difficult to achieve these days given the band split. But when Roger Waters announced that he was bringing his live The Wall show to Auckland, I knew this was my opportunity!

But who to recruit to tag along?… Mike couldn’t take a day off work so that ruled him out. Luckily Kyle, my Auckland-based brother, was keen. I nabbed tickets to the last of four sold out shows.

Concert day, which was last Thursday, finally rolled round. First order of business was the eight hour drive to Auckland. Not far out of Wellington Kyle called – he had warned me the night before that he had put his back out and it was worsening. He had to opt out of going. He was gutted!

Luckily I had managed to line up a ring in – Mike, not the Mike, but an Auckland-based friend. And big PF fan. I arranged to meet him a couple of hours before the show.

But as I hit the Southern Motorway and eventually slowed to a crawl, I realised that it was perhaps not my best plan to arrive during Auckland rush hour. My leisurely preparation for the show was now not going to be! After an eternity I reached my hotel – cue frenetic outfit change etc.

And cue photo segment!…

The venue was Vector Arena on Auckland's waterfront

We couldn't have been happier with our seats. The nerve centre of the show is the collection of screens and computers down below

Local schoolchildren had been recruited for Another Brick in the Wall

The wall is fully built and we stop for an intermission

Start of part 2

The song I was looking forward to most - Comfortably Numb. I've listened to a recorded live version countless times and have to say I was a bit disappointed by the guitar solo in the show.

An inflated pig did a circuit above the heads of the crowd downstairs

The wall comes down

The end

She's all over rover

In conclusion – a fantastic show 🙂 :). Though I did try to play it down a little when reporting back to my brother…

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  1. Mike #

    Outstanding night great pics captures it well.

    27 February 2012
    • As you know there was ‘one or two’ photos to choose from 😉

      28 February 2012
  2. Christine #

    Yes, well, albeit that I was a ‘wild child’ of the 60s and Elvis. the Surfing Sound, the Beatles, the Mersey Beat etc was the rage and i loved it – I mainly forked out for Country LPs (now there’s a blast from the past) …….. and as I have ‘matured’, i have this great love for classical music. A great coverage of the show and I am glad that you and Mike#2 enjoyed it.

    27 February 2012
  3. How jealous I am! Looked like a fantastic night! Fabulous pics. Aodhan’s first concert ” in utero” of course was Roger Waters/Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon. Glad you got to see it!

    28 February 2012
    • Thanks Ange! That was a very cool first concert for Aodhan – I’m jealous!

      28 February 2012
  4. Pip #

    Saw Pink Floyd when the played Western Springs in ’88 (Momentary lapse of reason tour). Wow – that was an awesome concert and no concert I’ve been to since has been able to beat it. That was the one with the flying pig and flying bed…. and the first concert with quadrophonic sound….

    6 May 2012
    • Lucky! I remember when that concert came (I had the album) and am peeved that I didn’t try hard enough at the time to go. Am also wondering how long it’s been since I heard the word quadrophonic!

      7 May 2012

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