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Vietnam revisited

In July 2009 I travelled to Vietnam. At the time I had set up a small dedicated blog to keep family and friends updated. But that of course became an orphaned site, not to mention had horrid formatting, and now that I have this ongoing site in place I want to bring those travels across.

Going to Vietnam had been a goal for a while, prompted by my father serving there during the war. With his background, and me growing up in the era of Vietnam War movies, I had held an awareness of the place and conflict since childhood.

I tried to enlist the interest of my family. Dad didn’t want to go back, but apparently this was more from a practical perspective than anything else, eg: “..there’s not much to see where we were, mostly we were just air dropped into the jungle…”. My brother wasn’t that bothered with the idea of travel. Undeterred, I was still keen to find Dad’s remote base and some of the other sites and locations from the war.

The goal finally came to fruition when a friend of mine (and a friend of hers) decided to hold their joint 40th birthday celebrations in Vietnam. The planets aligned!

My 2.5 week adventure went to these places:

  • Ho Chi Minh City – about half the time was in and around here
  • Hoi An
  • Hue
  • North/south border area
  • Danang

The composition was based on the birthday activities and my interest in the war – and time was of course constrained by work and budget. I did not make it up north. Which means I’ll probably have to go back!

With dad before I flew out. He made an unexpected visit to the airport to see me off. There was also an instruction from my brother to ensure that I left the country...

The posts that follow will be based on my original blog but will not be a straight copy/paste. And, knowing my inclinations, I’m picking that I will chuck in a few more photos too.

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  1. Marnie #

    Ha ha I cracked up at yo’ bros’ comment!

    19 February 2012
    • Yes though I did call him a lobster on here recently so I feel we’re even. For now.

      19 February 2012
      • your non computer savy half brother #

        are we taking our feud too the world web now halfy?…….. well you may win this battle but i know your still born bred and cornfed from the sticks….. you can never outrun your past …..ill find youuuu *wahahaaaaaaaa* ….then let the battle of (adopted) sibling and myself to commence …. 😉

        3 March 2012
  2. Jason #

    I have just read your story about your disappointing tour of Nui Dat.
    Trust me, what you got is the same boring package that every tourist gets.I got it in Feb 2012.

    Sorry, my name is Jason, i have lived in Baria and near Nui Dat for the past 5 years. You can see what i do on facebook search for Diggers Rest Nui Dat.Look for the red kangaroo.

    Have you been back since the tour you’re talking about?
    If not come back.
    There is heaps to see in Nu Dat that I can show you.
    We can even go to where your dads tent site with a bit of information.

    Im just trying to help and my time is free


    8 January 2018
    • Forgive my tardy reply! Got caught up in the New Year break and a frenetic return to work. Thank you for your comment – I wish you’d been there nine years ago! No return visit plans yet, would like to line up my brother as well and that will be a few years off.

      I’ve seen your DR Facebook page – with your permission I’d like to share it on dad’s company’s (Victor 2) Facebook page should any of our members be planning a trip to Nui Dat…?

      Fascinated to see the rocks you obtained with paint markings on them – would’ve loved to have seen something like that in situ on my brief visit to the camp. Recently learned at my dad’s army reunion that their their tents were located at the end of Luscombe Airfield.

      Thanks again, and best regards

      7 February 2018

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