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Vietnam revisited

In July 2009 I travelled to Vietnam. At the time I had set up a small dedicated blog to keep family and friends updated. But that of course became an orphaned site, not to mention had horrid formatting, and now that I have this ongoing site in place I want to bring those travels across.

Going to Vietnam had been a goal for a while, prompted by my father serving there during the war. With his background, and me growing up in the era of Vietnam War movies, I had held an awareness of the place and conflict since childhood.

I tried to enlist the interest of my family. Dad didn’t want to go back, but apparently this was more from a practical perspective than anything else, eg: “..there’s not much to see where we were, mostly we were just air dropped into the jungle…”. My brother wasn’t that bothered with the idea of travel. Undeterred, I was still keen to find Dad’s remote base and some of the other sites and locations from the war.

The goal finally came to fruition when a friend of mine (and a friend of hers) decided to hold their joint 40th birthday celebrations in Vietnam. The planets aligned!

My 2.5 week adventure went to these places:

  • Ho Chi Minh City – about half the time was in and around here
  • Hoi An
  • Hue
  • North/south border area
  • Danang

The composition was based on the birthday activities and my interest in the war – and time was of course constrained by work and budget. I did not make it up north. Which means I’ll probably have to go back!

With dad before I flew out. He made an unexpected visit to the airport to see me off. There was also an instruction from my brother to ensure that I left the country...

The posts that follow will be based on my original blog but will not be a straight copy/paste. And, knowing my inclinations, I’m picking that I will chuck in a few more photos too.

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  1. Marnie #

    Ha ha I cracked up at yo’ bros’ comment!

    19 February 2012
    • Yes though I did call him a lobster on here recently so I feel we’re even. For now.

      19 February 2012
      • your non computer savy half brother #

        are we taking our feud too the world web now halfy?…….. well you may win this battle but i know your still born bred and cornfed from the sticks….. you can never outrun your past …..ill find youuuu *wahahaaaaaaaa* ….then let the battle of (adopted) sibling and myself to commence …. 😉

        3 March 2012

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