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One visit to Niagara Falls is probably enough

I skipped Niagara Falls earlier in the post sequence so I’ll tuck it in now. I spent a couple of nights there at the start of my trip after leaving Toronto. With the exuberance of someone early in their trip I packed in as much as I could. There is loads of stuff to see, both in and away from the townships.

It is a place of interesting contrasts. My rather shabby hostel was based in the original N.F. township which is a relatively old and worn place about half an hour scenic walk away from the falls and the newer ‘tourist end’. Clifton Hills is where the majority of tourists are catered for on the Canadian side, but big tourism seemed to have sent it into tacky overdrive. Some descriptions liken it to a mini Vegas but that almost sounds a bit complimentary.

But the natural attractions are what people go there for. The falls, three in total, are stunning. From the Canadian side the Maid of the Mist boat tours get you up close to the Horseshoe Falls. The power and noise is incredible and you (and your camera) quickly become thankful for the dorky waterproof coverings they give you. The American and Bridal Veil Falls are accessed from the USA side. Along the River Road and Niagara Parkway are various viewing places and walkways and other attractions.

While there was a lot to appreciate it was overall a bit of a funny place and I left there with no desire to return. Never say never though eh?

Clifton Hills is the garish tourist end of Niagara Falls. Load of people, loads of neon.

Horseshoe Falls

Tourists getting drenched on the Maid of the Mist

The Bridal Veil Falls and walkway, next to the American Falls

Somewhere there beyond the mist thrown up by the falls is an old power station

The Whirlpool Rapids Bridge from the Niagara River

Given my employer prior to the trip (and since as it's turned out) I took the opportunity to tour through this power station when I stumbled upon it

Another of the attractions along the Niagara Falls Parkway. While not much of a botanical gardens person I had a bit of a look, but the nearby butterfly conservatory was a bridge too far!


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  1. Great photos. I love especially the Horseshoe Falls photo. It in 1992 when we visited Niagara Falls by bus from Toronto. To us the trip was unforgettable. On our bookshelf there is a photo from us beside Niagara Falls. We were “young” and in love. Nowadays we are only in love. 🙂

    18 February 2013
    • Ha ha! That’s lovely. I bet that 20 years has flown by too. It’s so interesting looking back on travel photos and the person you were then (more often than not the reaction is ‘wow don’t I look young’!).

      19 February 2013

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