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Cowboy country

Visiting a ranch was on my list of experiences to build into the trip. Alberta provided such an opportunity and I included this on my little circular journey from Calgary. Of course like so many of the other features it would be fleeting but enough to give me a taste.

After reaching the small town of Claresholm I continued on a while longer before joining a metal road, an all too familiar sight from my childhood and a sure sign of being in the sticks.

Lucasia Ranch is a working cattle and horse ranch in the Porcupine Hills area of south-western Alberta. These photos are a summary of my sub-24 hour visit.

There were a few other guests as well. Naturally given where we were a trail ride was high on the agenda.

Channelling my inner cowgirl… I know, I’m missing the hat.

As you might expect they have a menagerie of farm animals including a bunch of rather cute barn cats.

A cattle skull with horns that I found in the grass while out exploring.

Other dilapidated discoveries…

I walked to the top of some surrounding hills to get another perspective on the place and to find the eagle’s nest that I’d been told was up there. The ranch has percherons, large stocky black horses, and they were out and about to observe and admire.

Corral on the flat and homestead in the distance.

Early the next morning a chorus of dogs, roosters and coyotes ruled out any thoughts of a sleep in. But once the sun started to rise it propelled me out of bed and back up the hill to try and find that eagle’s nest again. I was successful this time.

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