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Highlight of a looong bus trip

The Greyhound service to Edmonton ran only three times a week which meant departure needed to be planned ahead. Andrea stayed on in Whitehorse so I joined what became a full bus. Space is a godsend on these long journeys but it wasn’t to be this time.

At Watson Lake we could get off and wander around for a while. I was really keen to stop here but on the way up we passed through in darkness. This time it was late afternoon.

Watson Lake is famous for its signpost forest – a massive collection of signs which grows with the contributions of passing tourists, in much the same way as the jandal fence does which I recently passed on a drive up to Auckland, and the bra fence a few years ago near Cardrona.

It was boggling how many signs there were. Today there is over 60,000.

The first sign was placed there in 1942 by an army engineer during construction of the Alaska Highway, which was built primarily to provide a supply route during WWII.

When we got back on the bus there was still a daunting number hours to go. Eventually we made it to Edmonton where another brief hostel stay was followed by another bus ride, this time over to Calgary. There another box-like rental car was waiting to transport me around rural Alberta for a few days.

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