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Return from Top of the World

Having reached the end of the Top of the World Highway, we continued through Alaska and its stunning landscapes.

And the occasional evidence of mining operations long past.

The Taylor Highway started to take us back south, eventually handing us over to the Alaska Highway.

We passed lots of waterways.

Spot the beaver dwelling!

As we transitioned into evening we also transitioned back into Canada, passing through a somewhat bigger border post this time.

Not far away was Beaver Creek, Canada’s “westernmost community”, and a roadside lodge which allowed us to call it a day. The next morning it was back in the saddle for the final stretch back to Whitehorse. We had a lunch stop beside Kluane Lake.

This was near the village of Haines Junction, next to the Kluane National Park. We ventured out in drizzle along a 5km trail beside the Dezadeash River.

Bears were apparently around, but on this day at least they weren’t lying in wait for juicy tourists.

After a few long days on the road we rolled back into Whitehorse, seen here across the Yukon River.

But no time to rest, I was heading back to Edmonton the next day. The pace seems rather furious in hindsight, though I have a tendency to do this even now, and my diary makes no mention of travel weariness. So much to see, so little time, and the stamina to do it I guess!

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