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What you don’t want on a 2000km bus ride


It was another long couple of days sitting down. From Jasper I bussed the few hours over to Edmonton, filling in time until the next departure at quarter past midnight. A shame that the rather large West Edmonton Mall wasn’t close by… though at 5.3 million square feet there’s every chance I may have missed my bus and could still be there now.

While it was very late at night, the scheduled stops meant sleep was a rather scrappy affair. We climbed off at Dawson Creek to have breakfast, then joined the Alaska Highway which begins there.

Over the next few hours it became clear the bus had mechanical issues. We had our first unscheduled stop, but got going again after half an hour. Soon after we stopped for lunch at the small restaurant at Buckinghorse River.

Alas not long after getting underway again, the bus again gave up the ghost. The stoppage that time was over an hour.

We got going again and had a meal stop (courtesy of Greyhound) at Prophet River. There was only about 10 of us so the tab wasn’t huge. Eventually a replacement bus turned up and we continued on our way, with only 1500km left to go…

FINALLY, 5 hours late, we reached our destination: Whitehorse in the Yukon.

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