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Rockies last hurrah

I had one full day to look around Jasper and kicked it off with a bus tour. The hostel was 7km from town and I had entertained the notion of walking in, but it was still dark at the time I needed to leave. So, taxi it was. Besides, a measure of sensibility is necessary with the wildlife roaming around these parts. We passed this chap on the way.

The tour had three main stops. At Maligne River and Canyon there was a cougar warning, though no sign of the kitty.

Medicine Lake is not a lake in the usual sense as its water levels fluctuate randomly, disappearing into an extensive underground system.

The main stop of the tour was at Maligne Lake.

From here we jumped onto a boat out to Spirit Island to see one of the most famous views of the region.

Once back in town I caught a regular shuttle service back to the hostel and began part two of the day. Only about 15 minutes walk up the road is the Jasper Tramway, a cable-car type attraction which takes you up to The Whistlers mountain (different from the one near Vancouver!).

I was blessed with a lovely day and clear views. Given more time and better footwear I would have hiked the 90 minute return journey to the summit.

And thus my stay in the Canadian Rockies came to a close. The next day I was heading north, way north!

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