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Watching the world go by

From Milwaukee I needed to get to Seattle to catch the ferry across to Vancouver Island. For some welcome relief from the bus, I decided to take the train – and being a 2,100 mile trip over two nights, I booked a sleeper.

I was really really looking forward to just sitting back and watching the world go by. With a good book on standby though, as 40-ish hours could challenge even my stamina for passive sightseeing.

This was during one of the stops along the ‘Empire Builder’ route which runs between Chicago and Seattle.

The sleeper was teeny – it would be very cosy for two people but was perfect for me. I left it to have meals up in the dining car, otherwise I was happy just taking in the stunning scenery.

Most photos were pretty rubbish and blurred. This one has a lot of reflection, but buffalos wandering across the landscape is not something you see every day. It was neat.

Derelict houses aren’t uncommon by any means but they always have a certain charm. I find them fascinating.

This was my first experience of long haul train travel and I loved it. Two further journeys were planned a little later in the trip.

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