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Fleeing a hurricane

On my walk to the Daytona raceway I saw evidence of the last hurricane / tropical storm to have visited the area.

There were warnings of another on the way. My plan for the following day had been to pop down to the Kennedy Space Centre but that instead became ‘get out of Dodge’.

My cousin was a flight instructor and the pilots were tasked with taking their little trainer planes away to safety. I would’ve been happy to catch another bus but I was assured that as well as my cousin, his girlfriend, their cat and other belongings, there would also be enough room for not-so-small me and my not-so-small pack.

That night was spent packing up their apartment and taping the windows. It was an early start in the morning out to the airport and getting ready to go.

After what felt like ages we were able to leave. While a bit freaked out from being up high in a teeny weeny plane, the views were great.

A couple of refuelling stops later I developed a migraine and had to bail – think this was in Mississippi. After a few hours in the little airport lounge I recovered enough to taxi over to the bus station where I resumed my itinerary.

From memory the hurricane/storm didn’t amount to much.

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