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Daytona racetrack tour

I wanted to work a couple of motorsport activities into my trip. Based on the time of year and my general route I wasn’t able to coordinate with any NASCAR or Indycar events, but I did the next best things.

First I took my petrol-head to Daytona International Raceway in Daytona Beach, Florida. It is hallowed turf in American racing culture and I would love to be there for the full-on experience of the Daytona 500. While it was the end of season the complex was still open for tours. Even better, it was walking distance from my cousin’s place where I was staying.

Me and my fellow tourists were driven around in a long cart thing with open sides. It was fantastic to be there and see the size of the track in person – and the steepness of the banking.

One stop was at the winner’s circle. I wear it well, no? 🙂

Unfortunately we couldn’t be taken around the track – though soon understood why…

This is a memorial to one of the most famous names in the sport, who died here in a racing accident 10 years ago.

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