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North America revisited

In 2004 I travelled through North America for 10 weeks. It was my first major solo undertaking and my longest trip to date. It was also the last time I really used a film camera. Pretty sure I remember paying about $10 to put each of my 40ish rolls of film onto CD.

I spent three weeks in the US and the rest in Canada, with the itinerary planned in advance. I’m not much of a ‘just play it as it comes’ traveller, I like to know where I’m going, where I’m staying when I get there, and some idea of any major sights I want to see. Probably, if I was to be away for a longer period of time with a bit less pressure on trying to fit in as much as possible!, I wouldn’t be as planned. (Probably!)

USA summary: Niagara Falls – Washington – Mexico Beach – Daytona Beach – Indianapolis – Milwaukee.

Canada summary: Vancouver Island – Vancouver – Banff – Lake Louise – Jasper – Edmonton – Whitehorse – Dawson City – Calgary and area – Winnipeg – Churchill – Toronto – Quebec.

The trip was a personal challenge and at times hard going, but it was a fantastic experience. I love both countries and of course left so much unseen, so there is still plenty to go back and do.

To help fill the gap until I can put time into writing about recent activities, I’m going to progressively go through the CDs and post a few photos and accompanying words.

So without further ado I’ll get on with the first post.

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