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Looking forward to winter

I’m in the midst of an intensely busy phase of work and study and these endeavours are impinging greatly on the blog. Grrr. Happily there is a light at the end of the tunnel, but in the meantime it’s belatedly occurred to me I could delve into my photographic archives and pluck out some pictures of past travel-y things.

This first batch is from a trip to Wanaka in winter of 2008. It’s topical because we have just booked our next visit down there. I love that part of the country and it is so beautiful in winter, so I can’t wait for August. I just hope my meagre snowboarding skills have not been set back too much by not going down last year.

Daily convoy up the hill to Cardrona

Looking across Cardrona skifield and valley

A beautiful day to be on the hill

Pausing during one of my blinding downhill runs (not really!!)

From the chairlift

Lake Wanaka

Around the lake shore

Tree on edge of Lake Wanaka

A glimpse into the Southern Alps during the flight back to Wellington

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  1. Mike #

    Looking forward to seeing the snow again

    22 May 2011

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