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A Wellington wilderness

Today summer seemed well and truly over with a cold southerly wind and rain. Great weather for visiting a remote bit of Wellington coastline. We don’t often venture into other parts of Greater Wellington but today we decided to go for a drive over to Wainuiomata in the Hutt City area. Or more specifically the coastal area about 20km beyond the township, cos there ain’t much in Wainui itself.

By the time we got out there it was still cold and blustery but the only moisture in the air was sea spray so we braved the elements for a walk. Dealt to a few cobwebs too!

Looking eastward across a frothy sea

On the rocks for the best sea views - but keep an eye on the incoming tide!

A pile of knotted kelp discarded by the sea

Some furious wave action

Looking west toward Baring Head. If you followed the coastline you'd end up back in Wellington (eventually)

I didn't really mean to disturb the resting caspian terns but I did want a photo

The Wainuiomata River near its coastal exit

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