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The Lizard (place, not reptile)

During our week in Cornwall we made a day trip from the north coast to the south coast. I originally assumed Lands End would be something to see and tick off, being the most westerly point of the British mainland. But after a quick peruse of Lonely Planet I decided to go with the most southerly place: Lizard Point. Maybe it just sounded more interesting. I don’t mind lizards.

Turns out it is derived from a Cornish name that has nothing to do with reptiles.

Lizard Point is at the end of The Lizard, a peninsula in between the towns of Penzance and Falmouth. After the other stops en route it didn’t seem to take that long to get there whereupon money was thrust at a man from the National Trust so that we could park the car.

We joined the path and went to find the end of it.

Walking down from the carpark – hang a right to Lizard Point lookout, cafe etc

Loved the wildflowers

Looking up to the lighthouse and heritage centre

There was a definite bite in the breeze

At the main terminus for people visiting Lizard Point there is a cafe, shop and visitor centre, not to mention fantastic views of the English Channel. It was a little weird to think that it was the English Channel with France yonder. Probably more due to my dodgy knowledge of geography than anything else.

From here though you can walk further, down the hill (boat ramp) to Polpeor Cove. There is the old lifeboat station, used between 1914 and 1961, and a couple other old buildings. Interesting to have a nosey around.

On the way down to Polpeor Cove and the old lifeboat station

If anyone’s missing a lime green kayak…

I went back up to locate mum and dad and go to the cafe for a late lunch.

Probably not surprisingly there are quite a few ship wrecks off this coast

There are worse places to have lunch

Don’t move mum…

We returned back up the trail, intending to have a closer look at the lighthouse.

Unfortunately the lighthouse and heritage centre were closed, but never mind – saved us a few quid

With that plan scuttled we left. It was the same road back as we took to get there but the k’s (whoops, miles) ticked over fairly quickly and before long we realised we’d (whoops, I’d) overshot the turnoff to an airbase viewing area that we’d noted earlier on. Cue rapid u-turn.

As we pulled into the viewing area for the Culdrose Royal Navy Airbase, a helicopter flew in overhead to land. Cue rapid parking and exiting of vehicle.

If my cross-checking is correct it was a Merlin Mk1 which landed in front of us, “the world’s most potent submarine hunting helicopter”. Thanks to mum’s good digital zoom and curse my broken DSLR

Show over, I pointed the car north.

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  1. Feeling pretty homesick after reading your blog – but still love them!

    6 June 2012

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